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Welcome to We aim to give you the best possible start when researching your family tree if you’re new to genealogy. Your ancestry is waiting to be discovered, by using the art of genealogy to study your family history you will draw a picture of where you came from.
Learn what is possible when studying your ancestry. As you gather a detailed picture of events that have occurred during your families history, you will begin to build a family tree that branches out in various directions giving you a unique insight into your past.
You will gradually learn of relatives that you never even knew existed, perhaps some exciting twists and turns along the way, and you will be able to do it at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home! Genealogy just ten years ago could often be a tiresome and laborious undertaking. Now, with valuable information literally at your finger tips, studying your family tree has never been so accessible and fun! Your family tree research doesn’t necessarily need to be confined to the discoveries you make online of course. Getting out and about and visiting record offices, graveyards and various other locations close to home or further afield to further your knowledge can also be greatly beneficial.

Discover amazing things about your family’s past; where they lived, who they lived with, what they did to support other members of the household, when they married. Find out things you never knew such as long lost relatives - your search starts here! Using the available tools at your disposal such as census records, you will realise how your ancestry played an important role in shaping who you are today. Because if they had done things differently, you would not be here!

Build a picture of where YOU came from and draw up that all important Family Tree to share with other relatives and to keep for future generations.

Have a look around our website to see just what is possible as you begin your family tree research. We show you what records are available to search, impartial guides to the best sites that give you access to the valuable data that allows you to discover your family tree, useful downloads so that you are able to record your family tree findings successfully and accurately and much more. Sooner or later you are bound to be bit by the family tree bug!

Whilst our site is geared mainly toward U.K genealogy, there are links available in the International section that may benefit your family tree research if you are from the U.S, Canada or Australia.

If you are looking for a way to produce your family tree why not take a look at our shop? We feature a selection of computer software for both pc and mac to professionally compile your findings. There are also books and DVDs that will help you as you research your family tree.

Visit our Video Tutorial section for more videos

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As you begin your research into your family history you will quickly be amazed at the amount of detail you are able to access. Finding the right information is dependent on choosing the best records site for your needs and your determination to succeed. Many sites offer a free trial so you are able to see if they offer what you are searching for. Once you have discovered the genealogy site that best fits your needs you will be able to continue delving in to your family history by subscribing to them. There will always be something new to discover as they are updated regularly with new and greater content.

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